On the 22nd of August in the year 2014, 19 year old Max Morris was hit by the accursed “travel bug”. Symptoms included “a civil war between the north and south after every meal” (so eloquently described by Matt Ryan) as well as a slight fever. Luckily Max remained in high spirits and is now made a slow but steady recovery.

On the 23rd of August the “travel bug” claimed it’s second victim: Matt Ryan. The bug seemed to be of the same variety as Max’s. Making a marvelous recovery, Matt is almost back to 100%. He plans to hike one of the Himalayan peaks in the near future.

A week after Matt’s case another team member, Gina, fell ill. She is taking some medicine and is optimistic that she will recover soon.

Traveling to a different country is fun. However, it is also a huge change for the body. Different smells, foods you cant pronounce the name of and fatigue the body experiences from full days of travel and work can make one feel sick. This “travel bug” is an unfortunate reality for many who experience traveling to countries such as India. However, our team has made the best of it and we have chosen to remain in good spirits. The travel bug won’t bring us down!


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