Day in Delhi (*New Delhi that is)

We all were up by 6:30 AM, ready to start the day. However, unfortunately for us, New Delhi isn’t a city for early birds. Restaurants only begin to open their doors around 8AM for breakfast. So after a little bit of forced down time, our team walked over to a place called Sams for a bite to eat.

“What to order? What to order?” The question repeated itself as I scrolled through the menu options. After a bit of debate, I settled on a pretty safe choice: Cornflakes with banana. There will be plenty of time to try exotic Indian food; for now, I will give my stomach a break and enjoy a more familiar breakfast. Of course, I spoke too soon. As my dish was placed before me, I was surprised to find that my basic order of cereal came with an Indian twist: warm milk. I was not the only one to find my plate surprising. Matt, who ordered the “American breakfast”, found spiced potatoes and chunks of meat -unrecognizable as ham- in front of him. Luckily, we both enjoyed the meal.

Once everyone licked their plate clean, we decided to split up and tackle a few chores. One half of the team scoured the markets for a few cell phones to use in country while the others went to the chemist to buy malaria medication. The tasks took most of the morning to complete; lunch time rolled around before we knew it.

Hailing a few rickshaws, we drove across Cannought Place and entered a nice establishment called Sagar Ratna. Now that it was lunch, I couldn’t wait to try some exotic food. According to Chao and Will, you can’t go wrong with dosa: a southern Indian dish made up of bread that’s thin like a crepe with taste and crunch of pizza crust and stuffed with various vegetables. While reading the menu, I noticed that there was an option to order a 4ft long dosa. I asked around the table and Matt was up for the challenge. Together we ordered the monster dosa and 20 minutes later it lay before us. Just a few inches short of matching Chao’s height, the dosa was huge! It took a while, but I am proud to say that we ate just about all of it (Matt eating the vast majority). After desert we left the air conditioned restaurant, into the wall of New Delhi heat, feeling very full and satisfied.

Will felt tired so he went back to the hotel while the rest of us decided to do a bit of sightseeing. We first walked over to central park. A giant Indian flag waved overhead, pigeons flocked on the grass and couples sat underneath trees enjoying the shade. While it was not nearly as grand as central park in New York, the place was still nice. After we got our fill of the park, we took a few rickshaws and rode down to Jantar Mantar. According to our Lonely Planet book, the buildings at the site are supposed to align with the stars and planets. That’s about the most we understood of the place. Without a tour guide, it was hard to interpret the purpose of the structures. At least the architecture looked nice and made for some cool photographs. Feeling tired from all of the excitement, we went back to the hotel and by 5:30 PM we were out. A great end to the day.


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