Gathering the Team


August 17, 2014

Max: We sit cramped in the backseat of Michelle’s metallic brown Honda Civic, cruising down the 101. Michelle placed Will in charge of DJ’ing, despite his protests that his phone was dying. Marvin Gaye’s sultry voice came over the speakers, we all munched on some slightly melted kit-kats hardly able to imagine the adventure that soon awaits us.

Gabby and Beth were licking ice cream cones, waiting for us in a McDonald’s parking lot in the heart of the San Fernando Valley. With cold, creamy jealousy in our hearts, Chao, Will, and I piled into the car. It was a struggle getting the car started – Will hopped out and opened and closed the trunk three times before Gabby realized her foot was on the wrong pedal. It’s a bit confusing, but believe me when I say it was a very funny situation.

Beth: With Orion above us and the bustling lights of LA nightlife below, the five of us sat in Gabby’s backyard enjoying a pre-trip pow wow. We all shared summer stories while Max sat on the steps wishing that he had packed his EWB shirt (sadly he forgot his shirt at home). Luckily his wish upon a star came true- Will had a second EWB shirt he could borrow!

Tomorrow evening we’ll meet up with the remaining team members, spend nearly an entire day in the air, then land in Delhi: officially marking the start of our EWB 2014 Implementation trip! We have to be at the airport by 7AM tomorrow so we will call it a night for now. Stay tuned for more to come!

Your official bloggers,
Beth & Max


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